Alpha Nano Diamond Bur, Wheel Head (Pack of 10)

Alpha Nano Diamond Bur, Wheel Head (Pack of 10)


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Nano crystalline synthetic diamond film grown on helically bladed carbide burs for significant enhancement in bur performance, superior finesse, cavosurface integrity, efficiency and longer life.

Piscium® Alpha Nano Diamond Bur works 3 times longer and has delivered cavity smoothness up to 7 times smoother than its imported peers who control the current Indian market.

Nano technology based Piscium® Alpha Nano Diamond Bur is capable of working in conditions of real life clinical practice on modern high speed air rotor handpieces rotating at 250,000-400,000 rpm.

Owing to uniform nanodiamonds grown on burs along with classic raking mechanism, Piscium’s® Alpha Nano Diamond Bur has minimal debris deposition.

Technical specifications

  • Surface: Alpha Nano Diamond
  • Head Design: Wheel
  • Head Length: Standard
  • Tip Design: Safe Tip
  • Shank Type: Friction Grip
  • Shank Length: 19 mm

Instruction to use

Instruction to use

Read precautions carefully

  • The device is to be used on the instruction of and by registered dental practitioner.
  • Always use sterilized forceps and fresh gloves when handling dental burs.
  • Eye protection must be worn to protect against ejected particles.
  • Burs must be sterilized before first use and before every use thereof.
  • Surgical masks must be worn to avoid inhalation of aerosol or dust generated.
  • Ensure that the bur is securely gripped in the handpiece collet.
  • Do not use worn-out burs.
  • Maintain handpieces in good working order and correctly lubricated.
  • Do not exceed the maximum speeds tabulated in this leaflet.
  • Do not apply excessive pressure or shear on the bur.
  • Avoid removing the bur at too sharp an angle to avoid leverage and breakage.
  • Move the bur continuously when in use to avoid localized heating and/or damage to the bur.
  • Read carefully the labels on the packaging.
  • Do not touch the bur when in motion
  • Remove the bur only after it has come to a complete standstill
  • This bur should be used on hard dental tissue only

Guidance for maximum RPM

Instrument head diameter (1/10 mm) Maximum permissible speed (RPM) Recommended operational speed (RPM)
007 – 010 450,000 100,000 – 220,000
011 – 014 450,000 70,000 – 220,000
015 – 018 450,000 55,000 – 160,000
019 – 023 300,000 40,000 – 120,000
024- 027 160,000 35,000 – 110,000
028 – 031 140,000 30,000 – 95,000
032 – 040 120,000 25,000 – 75,000
041 – 054 95,000 15,000 – 60,000
055 60,000 12,000 – 40,000
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Containment at The Point of Use

  • Keep the unclean burs immersed in the cleaning / disinfecting agent in accordance with its manufacturer instructions, but in any event do not exceed 12 hours.
  • Caution: Do not leave burs immersed in disinfectants.

Cleaning, Drying and Inspection Procedure
Manual Cleaning

  • Rinse the burs under running cold water and, keeping them immersed, brush thoroughly away from the body using a neutral cleaning fluid
  • After cleaning, inspect the burs, preferably with the aid of magnification, to ensure that all contamination has been removed. Repeat the cleaning process if necessary followed by autoclaving or boiling as per instructions given by the autoclave or boiler manufacturer.
  • Dry the burs using dry heat not exceeding 140ºC.

Automated Cleaning

  • Any cleansing and disinfecting agents used must be compatible with the materials used in the dental burs.
  • The washer disinfector and the cleaning agent manufacturers’ instructions must be followed.
  • After cleaning, inspect the burs, preferably with the aid of magnification, to ensure that all contamination has been removed. Repeat the cleaning process if necessary.

In-Clinic Sterilisation

  • Follow the autoclave manufacturer’s instructions to sterilise the burs.
  • Autoclave the burs for a minimum of 6 min at temperature of 134ºC.



Pack of 10

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