Chromalgin® Brick Pack 400 g pouch

Chromalgin® Brick Pack 400 g pouch


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Chromatic Dental Alginate Impression Material

Chromalgin® is a strawberry flavoured, dust-free dental alginate specifically formulated to meet dentists’ requirements. It is a stable formulation designed for better quality of dental impressions.

Chromalgin® is developed completely in India in collaboration with Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai and practicing dentists to reduce common issues with alginate storage and use.


  • Dust-free
  • Chromatic to indicate mixing and setting stages
  • Accurate impressions
  • Easy-mix
  • Pleasantly flavoured to reduce emetic reflex
  • Rapid water absorption

Instruction to Use

Step 1: Take 12 g powder and add water. Mix it for 45 seconds. The paste will turn purple when mixed well

Step 2: Fill paste in the impression tray and place it in the oral cavity. Impression color will turn from purple to lavender as it sets in about 2 minutes

Step 3: Remove set impression from patients mouth, store in water or immediately cast in POP


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