EDTA17 20 ml liquid

EDTA17 20 ml liquid


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Disodium Edetate for rapid root canal cleansing and shaping during instrumentation. Helpful in opening calcified root canals and for smear layer removal.


  • Neutral pH for chemical
  • Mechanical cleansing and enlarging of root canals

Instruction to Use

For root canal Cleaning and Shaping:

During instrumentation, the EDTA solution helps decalcify the surface layer of dentine on the canal wall. This makes it easier to remove dentine with files and reamers, and helps the dentist enlarge and shape the canal for final filling with sealer and gutta percha.

Directions for use:

Step 1: Apply EDTA at entrance of canal with pellet or pipette, file and ream canal in conventional manner

Step 2: Reapply EDTA as necessary until canal is enlarged to the desired size

Step 3: Rinse canal thoroughly so that all EDTA is removed from the canal

For Smear Layer Removal prior to placement of Endodontic Posts

After drilling a root canal for a post, the dentine, walls of the post preparation are covered with a smear layer of dentinal debris. This smear layer can be removed by rinsing the cavity with a 17% solution of EDTA.

Directions of use:

Step 1: Prepare canal to receive post

Step 2: Using a pipette, rinse canal with EDTA and immediately evacuate the EDTA with high suction for 10 seconds

Step 3: After 10 seconds, rinse canal with water and remove excess water with paper points


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