Hicolloid Brick Pack 400 g

Hicolloid Brick Pack 400 g


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Non-Chromatic Dental Alginate Impression Material

Hicolloid is a mint flavoured, dust-free dental alginate specifically formulated to meet dentists’ requirements. It is a stable formulation designed for better quality of dental impressions.

Hicolloid is developed completely in India in collaboration with Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai and practicing dentists to reduce common issues with alginate storage and use.


  • Dust-free
  • Accurate impressions
  • Easy-mix
  • Pleasantly flavoured to reduce emetic reflex
  • Rapid water absorption

Instruction to Use

Step 1: Take 12 g powder and add water. Mix it for 45 seconds. The paste will turn purple when mixed well

Step 2: Fill paste in the impression tray and place it in the oral cavity. Impression color will turn from purple to lavender as it sets in about 2 minutes

Step 3: Remove set impression from patients mouth, store in water or immediately cast in POP


Pack of 1

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