Tooth Conditioner Etching Gel 3 ml syringe (2N) & disposable tips (6N)

Tooth Conditioner Etching Gel 3 ml syringe (2N) & disposable tips (6N)


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A blue coloured Phosphoric acid gel formulation for acid – etching enamel before bonding / filling
prepared cavities.
For etching of enamel and dentine surface prior to making: composite, sandwich composite or “bonded” amalgam fillings, adhesive fixation of aesthetic ceramic or composite veneers, cementation of fixed prosthetic, restorations with composite cement, adhesive splints in periodontics, fixation of orthodontic brackets.


  • Uniformly etched dental surfaces that enable strong bonding during composite and other fillings

Instruction to Use

Step 1: Apply the Etching Gel to the enamel area to be etched avoid contact with cut dentine, leave in place for 30 seconds for primary dentition or teeth with a high fluoride content, it may be necessary to extend the etching time to 60 seconds

Step 2: Rinse thoroughly with water to remove any residual gel and dry thoroughly with warm oil-free air

Step 3: The dried surface should have a white chalky appearance, else etching is incomplete and the procedure may have to be repeated

Step 4:Once dry, ensure that the etched surface is not contaminated with saliva, water etc. If this occurs, repeat the etching procedure


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